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Parent Feedback

We value the feedback we gain from parents so that we can continually improve upon what we do.

Please see the breakdown of our latest parent surveys:
September 2021
January 2021

Actions put in place following last survey

Question - I am well informed about the curriculum and other activities in school
10% of parents disagreed with this question.
As a result, we put in place Curriculum Meetings for each year group and all parents were invited to a presentation led by teachers that outlined the curriculum for each year group (these were conducted throughout November). These presentations also outlined expectations regarding homework and other class related items that were important for parents to know about. If you were unable to make these sessions, the presentations will be uploaded on the website so you can check the information that was shared. We also advise parents/carers to ensure you check the website regularly as all curriculum information is published on the it, along with a more detailed outline of what children are doing in each term in the year group pages.

Question - I am well informed about the progress my child is making
14% of parents disagreed with this question.
As a result, we have put in place Class Showcase events for each year group and have invited parents in to school to look at the work children have been doing in their class, to see for themselves the progress children are making. These will be held each term and the first ones have been held already this month, and will be continuing into December. Please check the website for the dates for each year group and also the letter section to find the letter that was sent out about them.

The showcase events are in addition to the routine parents' evenings that we conduct every year. We urge all parents to attend these parents’ evenings as they are a vital opportunity to talk to class teachers about children’s progress and to see and hear about the work they have been doing.  

Another area that came out as an issue for some parents was regarding communication. As you will know, we send most of our communications out via email and this seems to be working well. In addition to this, parents can contact class teachers via Class Dojo – this is an opportunity for parents to message teachers directly with basic queries. Class teachers will always check these messages when they are in school. Please be mindful that teachers teach throughout the day so may not be able to get back to you immediately. Any letters that are we send out to parents are also uploaded onto the website in the letter section so we advise parents/carers to check the website regularly.

Within the website, there is also a calendar. This sets out the dates for any events and activities in school. It is a really useful tool to check regularly.

Some parents mentioned they would appreciate more after school clubs. As you will know, we paused these during the initial part of the pandemic, but they have now resumed. Currently, we have a range of sports clubs running every day after school. We are looking into expanding upon these choices and will let parents know when this is in place.