School Policies

On this page, you will find all of our policies.

If you require a paper copy of any documents, please contact the school office on 0121 552 5491.

Acceptable Use Policy for KS1 Children
Acceptable Use Policy for KS2 Children
Acceptable Use Policy for Parents and Carers
Acceptable Use Policy for SEND Children
Acceptable Use Policy for Staff, Governors and Volunteers
Acceptable Use Policy for Visitors and Contractors
Accessibility Plan
Addendum to SEN Information Report in light of Covid-19
Assessment Policy
Asthma Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy
CCTV Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy 2020-21
Collective Worship Policy
Complaints Policy
COVID Home School Agreement
Data Protection Policy for Data Subjects
Data Protection Policy for School Staff
Educational Visits Policy
English as an Additional Language Policy
Equality Policy
Exclusions Policy
Feedback Policy
First Aid Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Homework Policy
Home School Agreement
Inclement Weather Policy
Late Collection Policy
Local Offer
Low Level Concerns Policy
Medical Policy
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy
Mid-year Induction Policy
Mobile Phones and Camera Policy
Online Safety Policy
Parent, Carer and Visitor Code of Conduct
Peer on Peer Abuse Policy
Photo and Video Policy
Physical Intervention Policy
Policy for Serial and Persistent Complainants
Policy on Managing Unacceptable Behaviour from Parents and Visitors to our school
Privacy Notice for Visitors and Contractors
Privacy Notice for Pupils, Parents/Carers
Privacy Notice for Staff
RE Policy
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Remote Learning Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
School Social Media Policy
SEND Information Report
SEND Policy
Uniform Policy