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Mrs Richards
Mrs Pincher
Mrs Plant
Miss Iqbal

Here you will find Mrs Dearn; the EYFS Phase leader and the class teacher for ‘RD’, Mrs Cadd is the Teaching Assistant in RD and we have an amazing class full of 30 fun and lively children!

Miss Melia is the class teacher for RM, working with Mrs Pincher (teaching assistant) they have a class full of 30 wonderful children.

In Reception, we build upon the firm learning foundations made in Nursery. We provide a happy, safe, caring and stimulating environment, both indoors and out. Every day the children enjoy a range of practical learning experiences, either through adult led learning or enhanced activities accessed during their child initiated play which help to develop all areas of the EYFS curriculum. As a setting we have planned exciting units that will stimulate and motivate the children and each unit has a core focus on an area of learning.

Children’s ideas and opinions are actively encouraged and valued. As a result, even though topics have are planned for across the academic year, they are only a rough guide and the main priority is following the children’s interests, therefore through the use of observations and good relationships with the children, practitioners will incorporate children’s interests and ideas when planning activities, which ensures that all pupils continue to be motivated learners.

Alongside these topics we teach and educate children about cultural and religious celebrations that happen through the year.

Children work towards the Early Learning Goals in the 7 areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language 

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Physical Development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

  • Expressive Arts and Design 

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