Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is driven by the need to prepare our children for learning throughout their life. At St James, we believe knowledge is power and is the key that opens many doors and to address disadvantage. Our aim is to provide all our children with the essential knowledge, skills and understanding they need so they have the building blocks for later life. Our curriculum is ambitious and has been designed to meet the needs of the children at school and the community in which they live. It is supplemented by rich and varied opportunities that go beyond the classroom that we believe are essential for our children to experience.

The curriculum and supplementary experiences at St James help to nurture knowledgeable and independent children who have the bravery to aspire to be anything they want to be. We want children to use their communication skills to their advantage. The curriculum is further enhanced by our values education where we promote responsible, self-motivated learners, which are all key for lifelong learning.

We have developed a set of curriculum drivers that we believe underpin what (and how) we teach so that the children at St James have the best possible start in life. These qualities, skills and values reflect Christian teachings and are the BRICKS to our curriculum – they lay the foundations for our children to go on and thrive.

Here are the St James Curriculum Drivers:

B - Brave
R - Responsible 
I  -  Independence
C - Communicator
K - Knowledgeable
S - Self-motivated

Reference (ICB version) Verse
Children are brave enough to talk about the things that matter. They take risks, and know mistakes are how we learn. They have the courage and resilience to keep going, even when things become overwhelming. They can resolve conflict peacefully.
1 Corinthians 16 v 13 Be careful. Continue strong in the faith. Have courage and be strong.
Isaiah 41 v13 I am the Lord your God. I am holding your right hand. And I tell you, Don’t be afraid I will help you.
Luke 21 v 19 (NIV) Stand firm, and you will win life.
Children are aware of their obligations to society, their community, the world, and to one another. They understand how their actions affect others and the world around them. Understand the importance of their locality.
Romans 15 v1 We who are strong in faith should help those who are weak. We should help them with their weaknesses, and not only please ourselves.
Philippians 2 v 4 Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others.
Galatians 6 v 2 Help each other with your troubles. When you do this you truly obey the law of Christ.
Children can apply the skills and knowledge taught in a range of contexts. They can form their own opinions after hearing a range of opinions/facts.
1 Thessalonians 5 v 21 But test everything. Keep what is good.
2 Timothy 1 v 7
God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid. He gave us a spirit of power and love and self-control.
Romans 12 v 11 Do not be lazy but work hard. Serve the Lord with all your heart.
Children are able to effectively communicate with one another. They can articulate their reasoning and understanding clearly and with confidence. They can justify their reasoning when debating issues.
Colossians 4 v 6 When you talk, you should always be kind and wise. Then you will be able to answer everyone in the way you should.
Psalm 37 v 30 A good person speaks with wisdom. He says what is fair.
Proverbs 31 v 8 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Defend the rights of all those who have nothing.
Children are well-informed about a range of topics and feel intelligent as a result. Children are proud to be clever and retain key facts and information.
Matthew 5 v 14 You are the light that gives light to the world.
Proverbs 18 v 15 The mind of a smart person is ready to get knowledge, The wise person listens to learn more.
James 3 v 13

Is there any among you who is truly wise and understanding? Then he should show his wisdom by living right.
Children are inspired by what they see/hear/do within the curriculum. Role models are clear and support children believing in their own ability to achieve and further their life opportunities.
Philippians 4 v 13 I can do all things through Christ because he gives me strength.
Jeremiah 29 v 11 I say this because I know what I have planned for you, says the Lord. I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future.
Matthew 19 v 26 Jesus said, For men this is impossible. But for God all things are possible.

Whole School Curriculum Overview

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Year Group Overviews

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