Year 3


Mrs Kaur
Mrs Hitchins
Mrs Thomas
Mrs Hargun
Mrs Paling
Ms Wilkes (AM)

If you were unable to make it to our curriculum meeting, please click on the link to access the presentation used: Curriculum Presentation to Parents



Pupils will study a variety of different genres of writing during the summer term including historical stories, playscripts and setting descriptions. We will be working on practicing weekly spellings from the Year 3/4 National Curriculum lists. We will continue to reinforce and develop the use of good punctuation throughout all subjects


The children will take home individual books, which are at their individual reading level.  During their whole class guided reading lessons in the spring term the children will read a variety of texts including Ug and Charlie and the chocolate factory. They will work at developing their ability to retrieve, summarise and infer information from the text as well as widening their vocabulary.


We follow Power Maths at St James. The units we will be covering in the summer term are –

  • Money – converting pounds and pence and adding and subtracting amounts of money

  • Statistics – pictograms, bar charts and tables

  • Length – Measuring in metres, centimetres and millimetres, equivalent comparing and converting lengths, adding and subtracting lengths and measuring perimeter

  • Time – Months and years, hours in a day, telling the time to 5 minutes, finding and comparing duration, finding start and end times and measuring time in seconds.

  • Mass – Measuring and comparing mass, adding and subtracting mass and problem solving

  • Capacity – Measuring and comparing capacities, adding and subtracting capacities and problem solving

In addition to this, we do rapid recall daily that focus on a different statement each week based on what the children need to be able to recall quickly. They are tested on these every Friday. We also complete TT rockstars focusing weekly on different times table facts.


During the first half term the children will complete the module ‘How does your garden grow?’ This is a continuation of our Spring unit where we will be comparing flowers, finding out about the role of a bee in flower pollination and how different seeds are dispersed.
During the second half term the children will complete the module ‘Rock Detectives’. This unit entails looking at the three main types of rock, what rocks are around school, how hard rocks are and how they change over time, investigating fossils and different soil types.


During the summer term this is what the children will study for each curriculum subject:
 Art - The children will research cave paintings and explore the colours used in them.  Then they will practise the technique of 3d printing.
Geography we will complete a study of Rome.
History we will be studying the stone age, finding out how different life was then compared to now.
 Design and Technology, the children will be taking part in research to identify current sandwiches on the market and creating their own healthy sandwich based on their research.

Computing - We use the Purple Mash scheme for our computing lessons and during the summer term, we will learn about presenting and coding.
RE - We are exploring incarnation and the holy trinity from Christianity and learning Sikhism.
Music – We follow the Charanga scheme of work and our work will focus on the songs ‘bringing us together’ and ‘reflect, rewind and replay’.
MFL – The children will continue to learn German and their lessons will focus around extending their vocabulary.
PSHE – Our PSHE module this term is ‘Health and well-being'. In this unit we teach physical health and mental wellbeing, growing and changing and keeping safe.
The children will also be going swimming this term for 5 weeks.


Please read with your child daily if you can, if not at least 3 times a week, and remember to sign their planner.  

Please take time to help your child learn the spellings that are sent home weekly. 

Please encourage your child to complete TT Rockstars daily in preparation for the national multiplication check, which they will complete in Year 4. 

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