Stage 1: Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract

    Learning the fundamental concepts of maths is vitally important. That is why we have decided to use the approaches of a well-researched and common-sense approach to maths.

    Our approach enables all of our children to access the relevant learning at their stage, whilst being supported by plenty of hands-on resources and materials. It also develops fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills. At St James, we strive to enable all pupils to develop a deep understanding of the mathematics they are learning and we are committed to spending a longer time exploring key concepts, especially number, to develop fluency, promote mathematical reasoning and encourage pupils to make connections in their learning.

    We adopt a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, in most cases, which gives all children the opportunity to explore key ideas and build a solid understanding of the mathematics that they are learning.

    Children receive a concrete understanding of a concept i.e. they physically use materials to experiment, manipulate and learn a concept. Next, the children use pictorial representations of the concept to further develop their understanding. Then, the use of abstract questions completes their understanding. This is then further challenged by ‘mastery’ level tasks that require the children to show their understanding in a range of contexts and applications. 

    Early Years Maths 

    In the Early Years, children will spend a lot of time talking and learning about the value of number in preparation for their maths learning in KS1 and KS2. They will learn how to use a ten-frame so that they can begin to see the relationship between numbers and their value.


Stage 2: Curriculum Overviews