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Free School Meal Vouchers - 16/04/2020

Parents with children in receipt of benefits related Free School Meals will be aware that during the first weeks of the school closure, FSM vouchers were sent out to parents by text message.  
Following Government/DFE advice, we were advised that to carry on receiving full funding we should use the Government's recommended company to issue any further FSM vouchers (Edenred).  Orders have been placed for weeks 1 and week 2 of the Easter holidays and both orders are showing as being 'fulfilled' - this should mean that vouchers have been ordered, paid for and sent out to parents.  Unfortunately, in reality, this appears not to be the case - emails containing e-vouchers appear to be coming through the system at a very slow rate.
Staff have done everything they can at school level to ensure vouchers are ordered promptly and, unfortunately, we are now reliant on a third party to get these vouchers to you in a timely manner.  In the meantime, we would encourage all parents to continue checking the email account associated with their ParentPay account (as this is the email any voucher will have been sent to; unless you have notified us over the past week that your email address has changed).  Please bear in mind that the email from Edenred could have gone to any folder in your email a/c (Inbox, Trash, Junk etc) so please ensure you are regularly checking ALL folders.  

A link to the Edenred’s FAQ's for parents can be found at:
Thank you for your patience at this difficult time.