COVID-19 Staffing Rota

COVID-19 Staffing Rota

To reduce the risk of infection as much as possible, staff will be working a full week every six weeks. Skeleton staff will ensure as many people are kept as safe as possible by limiting the risk of exposure and transmission to all. If a member of staff becomes ill in your team, we will rely on members from the alternate group to step up eg. 1a relies on 1b, 2a on 2b and 3a on 3b and vice versa. It also safely enables any symptoms or incubation periods to be safely managed.

Team 1A
Week 1 (w/c 23.3.20)

SLT: Camilla
Teachers: Sally, Charlotte
TAs: Bal, Sharon

Team 2A
Week 2 (w/c 30.3.20)

SLT: Nic
Teachers: Tunzeela, Emily
TAs: Jill, Kim

Team 3A
Week 3 (w/c 20.4.20)

SLT: Dan
Teachers: Jen, Jess
TAs: Stacey, Tina

Team 1B
Week 4 (w/c 27.4.20)

SLT: Leah
Teachers: Cathy, Antonia
TAs: Kylie, Az
Team 2B
Week 5 (w/c 4.5.20)

SLT: Maddie
Teachers: Ruth
Phil, Joy, Refa

Team 3B
Week 6 (w/c 11.5.20)

SLT: Gary
Teacher: Kate
TAs: Naomi (Weds-Fri), Linda,