Year 4

Year 4



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Autumn 1 – I Am Warrior

Look at the Romans versus the Celts. Draw your sword, wield your axe if you dare! Discover warring Britain: meet Claudius, Boudicca and Julius Caesar, and find out what the Romans did for us. Get ready for Gladiator school and learn alongside Spartacus and Spiculus. When all the battling makes you hungry, relax, lie back and feast yourself on dormice and grapes or perhaps roasted swan sprinkled with nuts.

Autumn 2 – Potions

Welcome to the amazing world of potions and their properties…Use what you know about materials and their properties to create incredible potions in Professor Hazard’s Potions class. Find out how dangerous, unpredictable or plain tragic potions can be (just ask Romeo and Juliet).

Spring 1 – Misty Mountain Sierra

Mighty mountains peak above the morning mists, imposing and eternal, rocky outcrops at their feet. Discover how these giants are formed, as a fold or a block, a dome or a plateau. Follow the water cycle’s course from the peak to valley and meet the exceptional tribes of the hostile Himalayas. Then plan a mountain expedition from the BMC that is eco-friendly and safe as can be. But beware, look out! What’s that by the tree? It’s footprints are huge! Have we found the…Yeti!!!

Spring 2 – Blue Abyss

Grab your wetsuit! We’re going deep into an underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious creatures. Head to your local aquarium and learn about life in the ocean. What do real divers get up to below the surface? Create a fishy story about exploring underwater. Make a model of a deep sea submarine that can withstand pressure and travel to the deepest, darkest places on Earth.

Summer 1 – Road Trip USA

Flying from London Gatwick and landing at JFK airport New York, it’s time to explore the sights and sounds of the Big Apple. Use your map skills to navigate your way around famous landmarks and send a postcard home. Learn how to send an email, to book a day trip or reserve a room. Meet the Iroquois tribe; Native Americans with amazing customs and traditions. Plan a bespoke road trip for a family of four, who want to spend three weeks in the sun.

Summer 2 – 1066

It’s probably the most famous date in English history… we’re travelling back to 1066!

These are troubled times and there is danger afoot. A much-loved king is dead and a French Duke has staked a claim for our kingdom. Not to mention all the other wannabe monarchs!

Discover a changing England, shaped by shires, protected by castles and ruled by foreign knights.

Use the famous Bayeux Tapestry to explore the significant events of 1066. What happened then, and how did William come to be called the Conqueror?

Design a castle with defences strong enough to hold back the enemy. What about a space for fine dining and revelry? Try and build a happy (but safe!) home – you’re the architect.

Are you ready for the Norman invasion? Then don your armour and watch your back!

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