School Years

School Years – Phase Visions

For each phase within our school, we have a phase vision and a curriculum overview. The phase vision is an ideal picture of what the staff want to provide for the children at St James within their phase. The four phases are Foundation Stage, Year 1/2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. The curriculum overview is a short description of the topics that the children have been taking part in throughout the year. Our curriculum is ever changing and you will rarely find one year the same in any year group!

Our Vision for Foundation Stage

During their time in Foundation stage we would like our children to become happy and confident learners, who are inquisitive, inspired and fully engaged in their learning.

We want the children to have a wide range of dynamic experiences through a good mix of high quality and sensitive interactions with adults, both adult led and child initiated which are effectively monitored and assessed leading to carefully planned next steps in learning for all children. There should be an emphasis on exploring children’s interests where highly skilled adults have the confidence and insight to facilitate fluid and spontaneous learning experiences.

We want to foster caring, respectful and supportive relationships with everyone who has a role in our children’s lives and ensure that each and every child’s learning is individual to them where they are encouraged to reach their full potential. We want families to feel welcome, the transition from home to school to be as seamless as possible and everyone to be encouraged to participate and contribute in their child’s learning journey.

We want the children to leave the Foundation Stage demonstrating independence, motivation, perseverance, resilience and the ability to take risks in a safe and supported environment.

We want the children to be immersed in a language rich and culturally diverse setting where all are welcomed and differences are celebrated.

We want to engender a love of reading where children become immersed in a magical world of stories and become articulate and confident readers who by the time they leave Reception have mastered the basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy. Most of all, we want it to be FUN!

Our Vision for Year 1 and 2

During their time in Year 1 and 2 children have a special time full of learning, play, laughter and friendship, where they all are happy, feel safe and are valued.

Year 1 and 2 provides the best education in a stimulating and nurturing environment where teaching and learning takes place indoors and out. The teachers develop a love of learning inspired by quality teaching, building and developing upon individual strengths and talents. Teachers believe every child is entitled to enjoy his or her childhood. They teach the importance of moral values and develop the foundation for life long friendships. The children will always have the opportunity to talk about and collaboratively assess their learning. This can be seen in partner, group and whole class activities.

Every child will be able to read by the time they are six years old by following a focussed and rigorously assessed reading and writing programme.

Children educated during Year1 and 2 are tolerant, committed and confident. The teachers work in close partnership with the community to develop independent children who will lead happy and rewarding lives. All parents are welcomed into the cross-curricular learning opportunities and receive the necessary information about their child’s learning on a regular basis each term.

Our Vision for Years 3/4

We would like our children to be active participants in their learning as opposed to passengers to our teaching. It would require staff to incorporate children into the planning, undertaking and evaluating of their learning experiences. The children need genuine ownership of their learning whilst still achieving the necessary taught skills. This is important as it allows the children to access the learning in a style that they are comfortable with, ensuring inclusion and engagement from all children. In a wider context we would like our children to be active participants in not only their classroom but their school community and value their role in this.

Once the skills are learnt we would like our children to apply them in a range of contexts, within school and the wider community. We would then truly be enabling the children for the next step of their lives outside of St James. In order to do this we need to provide the children with experiences in a range of contexts both inside and outside the school environment so that they can acknowledge what they are working towards and the purpose of proposed learning experiences.

In order for children to achieve this we want them to work in a range of groups to ensure that they can manage their learning alongside others and on their own. These could be guided, paired, independent or grouped. Children need to learn how to fulfil a role within their group and know how to work as a team towards a collective goal. On the same credit they need the confidence in themselves and their skill set to apply skills independently. In order to do this we need to teach the children how to work together effectively and provide them a range of independent activities that address all intelligences, not just the academic.

Underpinning this we would like our phase to be vibrant in all senses of the word. We would like our environment to be enticing and engaging for not just the children but the staff working within it and visitors coming to see our phase. The learning experiences need to be engaging and fun for the children with a great deal of challenge.

We believe our vision is the keystone in ensuring that our children enjoy and make accelerated progress within our phase.

The Vision for Years 5 and 6

During their time in years 5 and 6, our children become fully prepared for the next stage in their education and their lives.

Children will be fully equipped with the necessary basic reading, writing, numerical and ICT skills in order for them to tackle ‘life’. They will have developed into independent thinkers and problem solvers whereby they are able to approach problems, face challenges and deal with situations both in and out of school using a variety of strategies. Their attitudes to these are positive and objective as they are able to empathise with others, leading them to make the right choices, showing respect, perseverance as well as responsibility for their actions. As a result, they work well together in groups collaboratively and effectively.

Children’s levels will be at national average and above and those with special educational needs will be making good and better progress. Their literacy and Numeracy skills can develop and grow by following a focussed, dynamic and diverse curriculum that is rigorously monitored and tailored for their needs.

Year 5 and 6 will understand the social conventions and etiquette required in everyday conversations and situations and they are able to articulate themselves with a wide range of vocabulary. They will converse with each other and adults confidently and appropriately.

Children will have aspirations. Teachers will maintain high expectations of pupils and pupils will have high expectations of themselves. Their work is always of a high quality and they produce homework that is of equal value.

Parents are involved in their learning and receive information about their child’s progress each term.


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