Web Links

Web Links

 Here is a list of some of the websites that children at St James find useful. Some are for educational support and some are just for fun!


Website: www.mathletics.com
Age Range: KS1 and KS2
A great mathematical game website that we use a lot to help us with some of our mental maths skills and some key concepts we learn about at St James. All of our children at St James have their own user ID and password.

Oxford Owl

Website: www.oxfordowl.co.uk
Age Range: 3 – 7+
A brilliant website for children and parents. This contains loads of top tips on how you can best support your child with their reading and maths. There are over 250 ebooks which you can access for free as well as some maths games. It is well worth a look.

BBC Bitesize

Website: www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks1bitesize (for year 1 and 2) and
www.bbc.co.uk/schools/ks2bitesize (for years 3,4,5 and 6)
Age range: KS1 5-7 year olds, KS2 7-11 year olds.
Both of these websites are packed with games to support your child’s learning in school. Most of the games have a range of levels that you can access and your child can build on their success. There are maths and literacy activities for KS1 with science being added for KS2. This is really good to help support children with revising for their KS2 assessments.

Nrich Maths

Website: www.nrich.maths.org.uk
Age range: Primary – Secondary
Nrich offers a huge range of mathematical problems. Some are quick and easy to work out whilst others are incredibly difficult! Each month they are updated and you can even submit your own!
Here are some websites that you could use to help your child.

Help your child with Literacy

10 Tips on Hearing Your Child Read – Find out how to make your reading times as enjoyable and effective as possible.

Helping Your Child with Homework – How to support your child with the work which is sent home from school.

Revisewise for Parents – Find out about the National Curriculum, tests, and how you can support them.

Scholastic Book Clubs – Lots of news and information about your favourite books, with games and activities too!

Handwriting sheets – Look in the printables section of this site, and use the handwriting sheets to develop your child’s pencil control.

Help Your child with Numeracy

Big Brainz – download an exciting (free!) game which teaches children their times tables.

BBC Numeracy – A wide range of activities, games and resources to develop your child’s Numeracy skills.

Percy Parker – an excellent CD which children can use to learn their tables.

Schoolhouse Tech – use this software to make your own Numeracy challenges!

Revisewise for Parents – Find out about the National Curriculum, tests, and how you can support them. Help Your child with Science

BBC Science Clips – explore these interactive Science investigations together. They link with the Science topics we teach at school.

Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits – find out all about circuits using this fun guide.

Revisewise for Parents – Find out about the National Curriculum, tests, and how you can support them.

Help Your child with ICT

Superclubs Plus – all of our KS2 children have an account with Superclubs Plus. They can use it to communicate safely online with other children from around the UK.

Dance Mat Typing – practise your typing with this enjoyable site.

Senselang Typing – a simple, but very effective, way of improving your typing skills.

Gridclub Cybercafe – learn how to stay safe when using different forms of technology.

Yahooligans – a child-friendly search site.

Ask for Kids – The children’s version of Ask. Very useful.

Picsearch – use this site to search for pictures. It’s much safer than Google Images, but remember that you still need to take care when searching for images online.

FactMonster – If you need to do research about a topic, FactMonster is a good place to try.

Freefoto – a great site to find photos to use in your school projects.

Help Your child with History

Snaith Primary School – This school website has a huge range of information about different periods in time. Well worth a look!

BBC History – Use the resources on this site to find out all about History!

Help Your child with Geography

Google Earth – an incredible resource which can be downloaded for free. Which famous places around the world will you visit?

Google Maps – try comparing the satellite view with the map view. Can you see your house?

BBC Geography – A huge range of activities and games to develop your knowledge of the world.

Help Your child with French

BBC Primary French – Use the activities and resources on this site to develop your language skills.

Help Your child with PE

Footee – a fabulous free site where kids aged 7-11 can improve their Maths, English and Science through over 250 fantastic football-based games.

Help Your child with Art

ArtPad – express yourself with this online painting machine.

Help Your child with Music

BBC Music – A selection of activities to develop your child’s musical skills.

Virtual Keyboard – Play some great tunes using this fantastic online keyboard.

Help Your child with Early Years Skills

Poisson Rouge – A wonderful interactive site, with games for children. So much to do!

Little Animals Activity Centre – Fun tools and games to help young children to learn and play at home.

Early Years Experience – A site to share information and resources for young children.

If you have any other websites that you think are really useful let your teacher know and they might be able to get them on this list!

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