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Newsletter – 16.12.19

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Newsletter 01.02.2019
School Council Newsletter – Issue 2

School Council Newsletter – Issue 1



Newsletter – 18.11.15
Newsletter – 09.10.15
Newsletter – 25.09.15

Letters September 2018 onwards:

Y3 Church Visit 05.03.2020
School Prayer Letter 17.01.2020
New Assistant Headteacher Jan 2020
Class Dojos Messaging Service
Y4 Trip to Stafford Castle 23or24.01.20
Morning Snacks Dec 2019
Super Sports Raffle wc 16.12.19
5F class letter 10.12.19
Nursery Christmas Party 18.12.19
Y5 Church Visit 21.01.2020
Y4 Advent Assembly 04.12.19
Y3&4 Swimming Dec 2019
Christmas Dates for your diary
Books for Schools 23.11.19-18.01.20
KS2 After School Clubs Jan 2020
KS1 After School Clubs Jan 2020
Parent Questionnaire Results 19.11.2019
Adult & Paediatric First Aid Jan 2020
Driving Around School 14.11.19
Online Uniform Service 14.11.19
Urgent Reminder Data Collection 14.11.19
Christmas Disco 17.12.19
Movie Night 02.12.19
Nursery Christmas Workshop 11.12.19
Reception Christmas Production 11.12.19
KS1 Production 09.12.19
Memorial Garden 08.11.19
KS2 Maths Week 11-16.11.19
Christmas Dinner 13.12.19
Anti-bullying Week 11-15.11.19
Children in Need 15.11.19
Photo Catch Up 05.11.2019
Super Shoes Day 13.11.2019
Police Letter 24.10.2019

Mufti Days for Christmas Fayre
School Trip Payments 21.10.19
Election of Parent Governors 15.11.19
KS1 After School Clubs Nov-Dec

KS2 After School Clubs Nov-Dec
KS2 Times Tables Practice Book
Parents Eve 22.10.2019
Homework Letter 03.10.2019
Nursery Parents Eve 22.10.2019
Health Champions Letter 02.10.2019
Y3 Trip to Compton Verney Nov 2019
Harvest Festival Donations 01.10.19
Y3 Parent Invite Harvest 04.10.19
Reception Visit 28.11.2019
Y5 National Space Centre Trip 07.11.2019
Y4 Trip Birmingham Museum 10.10.2019
Y3-6 Maths Championship Sept 2019
Street Food Menu 03.10.2019
Residential Edgmond Hall March 2020
Aldi Stickers 11.09.19

School Photos 24.09.19
Smoke Free Schools 04.09.19
Residential Ingestre Hall 25-29.11.19
Meet the teacher 4T only 10.09.2019
Meet the teacher 09.09.19
School Uniform Sept 2019
Breakfast Club consent form Sept 2019
Breakfast Club Sept 2019
Y6 Leaver’s Assembly 19.07.2019
KS2 After School Clubs September
KS1 After School Clubs September
Financial Advice Coffee Morning 09.07.19
Reception Healthy Me Picnic 12.07.19
Nursery Picnic 15.07.19
School Trips 28.06.2019
Y3 Class Information 27.06.2019

Y5 & Y6 Summer Production 11.07.2019
Letter from Deputy Head 25.06.2019
Sponsored Event 27.06.2019
Seaside Special Menu 10.07.2019
Y3 & Y4 Sports Day 25.06.2019
Y6 Cinema Trip 12.07.2019
Y6 Albion Foundation Visits June July
Y6 Leavers’ Service 09.07.2019
Summer Production Y5 28.06.2019
Mufti Day 20.06.2019
KS1 Sports Day 28.06.2019
Y5 & Y6 Sports Day
Parking Around School 06.06.2019
Summer Fayre Mufti Day 07.06.2019
Y2 Pirate Dress Up Day 03.06.2019
SCHOOL PHOTOS 11.06.2019

Emotion Coaching 10.06.2019

Reception Workshop 22.05.2019

3M Change of trip date to 24.05.2019
Y5 Bagel Monitors 12.04.2019
Y4 Native American Workshop 21.05.19
Y1 Life Long Ago Workshop 03.06.2019
Easter Service 12.04.2019
Y5 Puberty Talk 30.04.2019
School Menu from 29.04. – 19.07.2019
School Meal Price Increase 01.04.19
Letter to parents in Nursery re Animalmania Workshop
Y4 Trip Stafford Castle 21.06.19
KS2 After School Club 29.04.19
KS1 After School Clubs 29.04.19
Y5 Easter Assembly 12.04.19

Easter Bonnet Parade & Workshop 10.04.019
Easter Egg Competition 08.04.2019
Easter Sports Camps
Y2 SATS Meeting 02.04.2019
Y3 Workshop 01.04.2019
Y5 Food Technology 14.03.2019
National School Breakfast Prog. 25.03.19
Maths and Marmalade 29.04.2019
Sats Meeting 03.04.2019
World Book Day Menu 07.03.2019
Pancake Day Menu 05.03.2019
MOMO letter 28.02.2019
Red Nose Day 15.03.2019
Book in a Box Competition 07.03.2019
Y5N Teacher 11.02.2019

4 Steps to a Smile 29.03.2019
Y5 Allotment Letter 08.02.2019
Y2 Trip 14.03.2019
Y3 Trip 23 & 24 May 2019
Y5 Harry Potter Movie Spring Term
Y4 Workshop 27.02.2019
KS2 After School Clubs FebMarApr
KS1 After School Clubs FebMarApr
Nursery Parents Eve 04.03.2019
KS12 Parents Eve 04.03.2019
Y5 trips 07.05 and 06.06.2019
World Book Day 07.03.2019
KS2 Disco 13.02.19
Reception Letter
Multi-Sport Play Area
Election of Governors
Movie Madness Menu
Y6 Messaging Aps Letter
Yr1 & 2 Film Clips
Nursery Pupil Premium Forms
Reception Visit to Hoo Farm
Nursery Rainbow Topic
Nursery Christmas Parties
Christmas Activities
Y6 Visit to BCL Museum
After School Clubs
Christmas Sing Along
Telephone behaviour
Y1 Talk Pants
Y4 Advent Assembly
Christmas Jumper Day
Nursery & Reception Nativity
Y3 Dudley Zoo Workshop
Yr1 Visit to St John & St Peter Church
KS1 Nativity
3M and 3R Swimming
Christmas Dinner
Community Christmas Fayre
Pudsey Menu Fri 16.11.2018
Medical Tracker
Plas Gwynant Residential
Times Tables Book
Yr2 Dress Up Day
Ecobus Activity Monday 5 Nov
KS2 Additional After School Club
Nursery Parents Meetings
Street Food Menu- 04.10.18
Operation Encompass

Nursery Children

Yrs 5 + 6 Read Theory

Yr5 Trip to Space Centre

Yr3 Cooking Workshop

Frank Chapman Residential

Yr3 Harvest Festival Assembly

Harvest Festival Assembly

Earring Letter

Y5 Express Assembly

Social Media

Photograph Letter

Transition Meeting Yr7 applications

Year 6 Walk Home Letter

Year 5 Walk Home letter

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